Birdtalk Bird Toys - Button Heart

Birdtalk Bird Toys - Button Heart






 SIZE LENGTH:20cm  WIDTH x 7-8cm


This toy is designed for your feathered family member. A large plastic heart finished of with a coloured bell.


PLEASE NOTE: Colours of hearts vary. If you have a preference what color you want leave me a message otherwise I will send what is in stock.


SUIT: Small to Medium Birds


BRAND: Hand made by Birdtalk Birdtoys




SMALL BIRDS: Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Finches.


MEDIUM BIRDS: Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets, Ringnecks, Caiques, Princess Parrots, Rosellas and Plumheads.


LARGE PARROTS: Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Alexanderines, Galahs, Corellas, Hahns Macaws Gang Gangs, King Parrots and Major Mitchells.


XLARGE PARROTS: Blue and Gold Macaws, Black Cockatoos, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Scarlet Macaws.


XXLARGE PARROTS: Greenwing Macaws and Hyacinth Macaws.


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