Birdtalk Bird Toys - Christmas Stocking Lg 30 x 16cm

Birdtalk Bird Toys - Christmas Stocking Lg 30 x 16cm







TOTAL LENGTH: 30 x 16cm


Seagrass pouch dressed with wooden stars and beads, plastic chain and pine cones. The pouch is then filled with Christmas crinkle paper and bamboo shredders vine stars and paper straws.


Merry Christmas


SUIT: Large Birds


BRAND: Handmade by Birdtalk Birdtoys




SMALL BIRDS: Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Finches.


MEDIUM BIRDS: Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets, Ringnecks, Caiques, Princess Parrots, Rosellas and Plumheads.


LARGE PARROTS: Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Alexanderines, Galahs, Corellas, Hahns Macaws Gang Gangs, King Parrots and Major Mitchells.


XLARGE PARROTS: Blue and Gold Macaws, Black Cockatoos, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Scarlet Macaws.


XXLARGE PARROTS: Greenwing Macaws and Hyacinth Macaws.

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