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Sprouting Mix Legumes and Grains

Sprouting Mix Legumes and Grains




A combination of Legumes and Grains for sprouting. Highly nutritional for breeding birds this mix is 100% organic and is sourced locally. A protien and vitamin enriched food. We use this mix for our own birds and they love it.


How to use:

This is how we do it;

Soak the required amount you need and that will depend on how many birds you have for the daily feed. I soak ours in a bowl and make sure you put enough water in as the mix does expand. As you go you will soon know how much to soak.  I soak the required amount we need over night and then in the morning tip into a collander rince the mix and leave on the bench to start sprouting. The previous days mix has started to sprout and ready to serve over there veg and fruit mix.  Included in the mix is a plastic 30ml shot cup.



Chick Peas

Mung Beans

Blue Peas

Whole Lentils 

Rye Grain

Oat Groats

Hulled Buckwheat



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