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When you purchase your toy making parts from us you are buying quality products at affordable prices, that are safe.


All our handmade toys are bird safe and:


1. Made here in Australia and are some of the safest toys around, using only the highest quality parts. 

2. Are safe and free from dangerous toxins. 

3. Sourced locally and from suppliers overseas.

4. Our imported products comply with the Australian Governments importing standards. 

5. Our natural vine products are heat treated- not fumigated with chemicals.


I have included a list of products below that we use, and that you can purchase from our toy making section. 

  • Wire: Stainless Steel ( Grade 304 316 )

  • Chain: Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated

  • Beads: Plastic and Acrylic and are Lead Free

  • Leather: Rope and Parts: Veg tanned

  • Wood: Untreated Pine or Hardwood, Balsa,

  • Native Wood: Gum, Banksia, 

  • Pear Clips, O Rings: Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated

  • Bells: Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated and Zinc Free

  • Plastic Toy Parts: BPA free 

  • Dyes: FDA approved food colouring

  • Ropes: Sisal Rope, Hemp, Jute Cord, Paper Rope, Poly Rope, Paulie Rope, Coir Rope, Coconut Rope, Veg Tanned Leather, 

  • Natural Parts: All untreated: Abacas, Seagrass, Palm Leaves, Vine Sticks, Natural Cane, Vine, Cork, Raffia, Palm Shredder, Coconuts, Yucca, Bamboo, 

  • Nuts and Pods: Gumnuts, Casuarina Nuts, Banksia Pods, Pine Cones, Dried Gum Leaves, Mahogany Spoons and Pods, Lotus Pods,


Happy Toy Making and have fun.



Flower Beads.jpg
Seagrass Rope.jpg

Toy Safety

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